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  Housing Problem Solvers Company


1201 West Peachtree Street, Ste. 2300,

 Atlanta, GA,30309



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Housing Problem Solvers Company

1201 West Peachtree Street Suite 2300

Atlanta Georgia 30309

Office 404-892-4783

Fax: 404-892-3528

Website: Email: [email protected]

 Housing Locator Service Payments Contract

This contract is an agreement between ( Client) and Housing Problem

Solvers Company (Consultant) _ . The Consultant will provide the

services listed below for the client listed on this contract after receiving full payment. The Client ha s ma de one payment of $ 475.00. A total payment of $475.00 is due. A balance of $0 is owed . All partial payments will b e used to begin the client’s initial housing search

only. No property information will be provided with partial payment. If this client finds housing independent of Housing Problem Solvers Company no refund is due. The consultant will begin immediately searching for properties. Properties will be provided to client as soon as consultant is notified by properties after full payment is received .

( Payments are non-refundable due to immediate start of services )


  1. The consultant will assist the client(s) in locating housing per their request. Housing must be affordable based on the client(s) budget. The client(s) will only be placed in housing they can afford based on income documents. The client(s) will be provided as many as 15 (Fifteen) properties to view. If client(s) has bad rental history (one or more evictions) property manager or owner may require an additional deposit. Also, client(s) may have to seek housing in a condominium, town-home or single family property. Client(s) may experience some delays in housing placement. Our goal is to provide housing placement within two week s . The client(s)'s refusal to accept housing does not constitute breach of contract by the consultant. The client finding housing without Housing Problem Solvers Company's assistance does not constitute breach of contract. The client(s) has 60 days to receive paid services.

  2. If client(s) has Multiple Evictions or apartment collection account on their credit history, the client(s) may be required to pay and additional deposit. We seek to place or client(s) within one week. However, the client(s)'s credit History may delay placement.

  3. Homes, Condo and Townhomes are additional $300.00 for mortgage verification . ( Optional ) We take no responsibility for payments on property experiencing foreclosure.

  4. Additional Adults are $ 475 .00 per adult. (Client#2 )                                           

  5. What are both clients current income , place of employment and credit score :

  6. Housing Problem Solvers Company requires and expects client(s) to provide truthful and

    factual information. If false information is provided by client(s) about credit, income or criminal background this contract could be voided at Housing Problem Solvers Company discretion.

    No refund given. Client’s verbally specified problem is _.

    Bad credit problems or criminal background problems.

    A ll information on this contract is true: _____________ _ _______________________________

  7. Housing Problem Solvers Company is not responsible for housing rejection due to unpaid or unrepresented client(s) such as spouses, companion, friends, adult children or other non-client(s) adults and/or misrepresented information .

  8. Housing Problem Solvers Company reserves the right to refuse clients based on criminal or credit background.

  9. Please list all bad credit or criminal background problem s:

  10. How many evictions or apartment collection account do you have?_____________

  11. False credit, debit card or payment claims will result in criminal charges filed. Our goal is to achieve 100% satisfaction for our clients. We work hard to achieve this goal. We seek feedback from our client(s) on how we can improve our services.

    ***How did you hear about Housing Problem Solvers Company****** Newspaper_____________ Sign ___________ Internet__________ Friend___________

    Referring __________________________________________________________________ _

    Client's Signature                                                     Date:                

    HPSC's Consultant                                                                                         Date:


    Property Specification Form

    Client's Name                        Phone:                                      

    1. How much money do you want to spend on your total Move-in                     

      (This is your first month rent, Security Deposit and application)

    2. Apartment       Condo        Townhome       Home              

    3. How many bedrooms and bathrooms are you seeking?                                     

    4. How much do you want to pay per month                                               

    5. What Zipcode(s) do you want to live                                                

    6. What potential properties are you interested in us contacting for you?


    7. Please describe other details about the property you want to live?



    8. How many children will be living in the property            ?

    9. What are the children ages                                  

Housing Problem Solvers Company 1230 Peachtree Street Suite 1937

Atlanta, Georgia 30309

404-892-4783 Office

404-892-3528 Fax


Housing Problem Solvers Company

Office: 404-892-4783 Fax: 404-892-3528 Email:[email protected]

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